I had my eyeliner tattooed at the Upper Darby Inkwell by Angela, two weeks ago. I could really never get the perfect line on both eyes to match, and i was always smudged by the end of the day. It healed really nice & it looks natural, but now I have the perfect matching line on both eyes, and with the small wing at the tips. It never smudges!!!! Surprisingly, there was no pressure or discomfort getting it done, I was numb through the whole thing with a gel she put on there. I will recommend my friends get theirs done for sure.

Christina M.

I was nervous at first about getting my eyebrows done, but I have been drawling them on for so many year and was ready to get them finally tattooed. They turned out so nice and there was no pain at all. Angela numbed the eyebrows before she started, and I almost fell asleep during to tattooing procedure. Her prices were competitive and I am so pleased with my results. I do not miss drawling on my eyebrows everyday. I am going back in a few weeks to get my lip liner done in a natural color to define my shape, cant wait!!!

Sarah Cohen

My experience getting my eyes tattooed has been an exciting and pleasurable one. I must admit that when I first heard of ” tattooing ” my eye liner I was a bit frightened and concerned that it would be painful. However, the thought of never having to spend money on new eye liner each month intrigued me. The produce was fast and simple. I had minimal pain and my eyes instantly looked great, The service was outstanding. I expressed my concerns to the staff and they walked me through each step they were going to take and really took the time to explain after care so I could have the best result possible. I love my new eyes and get compliments daiy.I highly recommend the procedure to all of my friends and co -workers and now I am even going to get my Lips done! A BIG thanks to Angela.

Lisa Berry

I went to Angela to get my eyebrows done, the procedure was 100% painless! My eyebrows healed quickly resulting in beautifully applied eyebrows all the time!

Amber M. Koehn